The glowing hole

Thank you my friend The snow of the north I smell the hope through the falling scene Through the tiny lights Here and there And the candles , on the passageways Smiling or lamenting calmly .. Just like the snow … My snow falls towards the heaven Like the arid souls and the black nylon […]

First poem 

The dropping dews , I see ,of morn that cool my wounded broken heart  I can see you now  coming with moon’s wasted part . . .  Which was drowned in the flood of light ..      … The presence of you submerging me With sea of aroma , engulfing        … You […]


shuttle in an hostile universecarries the seed of the blue color  hurtling 50,000 miles per hour  fleeing the asteroids and the comets with long tail of questions looking in the space, for a strong gravity , waves and invites it to end up the traces .. of an outrageous era  comet in the space,  puffs […]


Fears Fears  Weeping  Without tears Horrific Howling  Crashes the soul Nobody hears The death will call  But not into ears  A slit in the soul  Filled with nightmares  A dry child face  Balls with no airs  Fears….. fears  Weeping with no tears  The spiders clutch the moments That move like unknown insects  On the corpse of […]

Beyond the purple line

  By: Ahmed Zaidan On the stage in an international festival, I am performing my poems… Oh that was years ago, when I have had last poetry reading in Mosul, the most dangerous city in Iraq 2012 as I remember. The security situation escalated and the bombs have shut down the voice of all birds […]


I am chocked in uttering the words I spit the letters that Crammed into mouth Like the crusty wheats Or ball of thorns Stuck in the throat Hymns of the rusted horns In the cottage’s backyard Happened by the rain Then … A dry whistling borns Rattle of the old door belongs to the grandfather’s […]