Ahmed Zaidan CV

Journalist and TV show presenter since 2009.

Poet with issued poetry collection in Baghdad 2009.
The Full name : Ahmad Ayad Thamir
The nick name : Ahmed Zaidan
Careers : Poet and journalist
Year of birth : 1988
Nationality : Iraqi

Place of birth : Mosul-Iraqi
Current residence : Turku-Finland
Year of arrival to Finland : By end of 2013
Languages : Fluent in Arabic , English and a little Finnish
Residency status in Finland : Permit of temporary residency for four years _ political refugee

Study degree : The bachelor degree in the translation granted from college of arts, Mosul university, under No 12240, dated 3-7-2011.
Occupations in Finland
Voluntary Radio show in Robin Hood radio ( Mahattat ) 2015.
Here is the link of my radio show :-

Työharjoittelu for 6 months in Kirjan talo in Turku as a journalist 2015-2016.
I have done video and audio interviews with international poets from different European countries when they visited Turku in ( Poetry week ) 2015.
Here are some of my interviews and videos that I have made for Kirjan talo in the field of poetry and art:

My reading in Runoviikko Poetry week 2016

In Finland and Europe
I published my poem (Aroma) in UK, 2016
I participated for three times in the EU project (Media literacy) with the Finnish partners in the project that adopted by number of community radios in Europe which is workshops hold in different European countries. 2016

The host countries are Hungary, France and Germany

I Published an interview I made with asylum seeker on radio (Wuste welle) in Germany 2016
I blog in Åbo underrättelser newspaper 2016
I published Kirjan talo website and The Finnish pen 2016
I published a documentary story in Doc point in Helsinki 2015
I published to Sivuvalo website 2016
Here is my website for some of my published poems
The cultural events and festival that I have participated in
A workshop hold by literature for all in Helsinki, followed poetry reading 2016
Sivuvalo and Multilingualism and diversity as a resource in the cultural field project
I participated as a poet in Runokuu international festival 2016

FUTURIBLE: Poetry from another present era | 26.8. 2016 | Runokuu Literature Festival
I participated as poet in Kirja irti festival in Turku 2016
I participated with Sivuvalo in a poetry reading in reception centres of refugees and the subway stations of east Helsinki 2016

My two poems were composed and performed in Helsinki in Journey to the Arab Jazz

I participated in others cultural events and workshops in Finland.

In Iraq
I worked as TV show presenter in Sama Al Mosul channel where I have been prepared presented ( Breezes of morning ) show 2011-2012 .
I worked as TV show presenter in Al Mawslya channel . I have been presented the show of ( Poetry collections ) which is a series of interviews with Iraqi poets 2009-2010.
I also presented on Al Mawslya ( Good morning ) TV show 2009-2010.
I issued my first poetry collection ( playing on the strings of female ) documented in the library of archives in Baghdad with deposited number ( 1204 ) the year 2009

I published poetry and articles in the Iraqi newspapers
I participated in ( Love festival for poetry ) 2010.
I participated in the poetry festival ( Abu Tammam ) held by province of Ninawa 2011.
I participated in the annual ceremony of creative arts of Mosul university for tow times, in poetry reading 2009 2010 .
I was awarded the prize of creative arts festival of Mosul university for two times .
The qualifications and capacities
⦁ Translation (English-Arabic)

⦁ Writing poetry, prose and essays in both English and Arabic

⦁ Film maker and photographer

⦁ Experience with video and audio editing

⦁ Reporting and editing news

⦁ preparation programmer and TV show presenter as well as radio

⦁ The scenario writer

⦁ Reviser of Arabic language

⦁ Writing documentary texts
Email address : Ahmed.zaidan@mail.com


Phone number : +358 40 1484321