I see you Brussels

I see you through your Leffe’s local beer

I see you pale faces, sitting in a small pub

I see you a crow on the colored houses, weaves hope

I see you a charming square, when everyone has departed the downtown

I see you buildings popped up for a deep moment in the charming dawn,

thereafter, it sank in Al Mauaal of Arabian man, cries Ah Ya Leeeel…

I see Brussels everywhere, in Presse bar, reserved for students, in eyes of tourists, in the lit of the lens

I see you in the Chocolate that engulfed me from all directions…

I see you a green suburb, fled the desert age, and the fatal emissions, the vomit of the centuries

I see you a trade mark submerges the world with your presence

I see you a scent on a neck of a slim smart girl, her skin tests like dating coffee

I see you a city stands like giant in the middle of endless tents

I see you a flower guarded by well-equipped soldiers

I see you Brussels, in three humans of different roots, decided to be Brussels

I see you elegant in every time you’re shown in the news

I see you beyond all Halaal shops… a prove on (The world has become a better place)

I see Brussels as I see myself when I gaze into the waters of truth

I see you a stall flooded with gifts and a lovely booth,

painted with a grove of colours.

I see a woman wears her short skirt, despite the coldness, she sways like the morning breeze

I see you a name refuses to die

I see you a long road leads to future

I see you Brussels

Yes! I do see you,

Despite all veils and hairy faces, and those who worship their races, I see you a man wears his jacket and tie then signs,

(Everyone shall have a dignified life, regardless to their religion or belief or race)

I . See. You. Brussels


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