Where do you go

Where are you travelling to,

Where do you go!!

To what direction does your concealed compass in the heart, refer

The sea is waiting for the little bodies that washed with dust

Where are you travelling,

Where do you go!

What do you carry within your bag?

The painting booklet to draw up a boat, wrestles the marine fate

or you hide your postponed school

What do you carry within your worn bag?

Your childhood’s dreams,

or the stones that used as dice in primitive games

Where do you travel, where do you go?

The desert spins, flipping the directions and swallows the steps..

The desert always changes its mood for the strangers to bog them seized

And your facial features are a stative will, like your steps,

Only your steps, will not be washed out by the sand,

Only your steps, will stay a route for thousands years.. guides generations to follow your trace

leads to a world must be ashamed of your trip

Only your steps, the displaced little angel! will lead to purest cult for those who believe

Where are you going, what’s your precious map, that shocked the world and went beyond the science!

He replied;

“Be away from me, let me leave!

I know the road that leads to a better place”

Then, he painted a smile on his face,

And vanished in the desert gusted wind..

Leaving, a heap of endless questions

Where do you travel, where do you go


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