I have a Brussels

When I am distracted, there is always a Brussels waving with thousand homes

There is a promise buried in the ash, tries to crack the standstill image

There is a pub reserved for strangers, who recharge their phones and vanish with the leffe’s foam

There is a space where faces loom, lurching like the unnamed dreams,

There is an oasis of multiple lights, and meadows of hope that always bloom

There is a square for the forgotten details, the scattered languages, not rife fashion

There is an aged welcoming door, absorbs your passion, before you step in.

How, I feel that I am lost, and I have a Brussels concealed like dove,

in my imagination

its compass always refers to the endless love..


1 Comment

  1. Very beautiful. Brussels/Belgium will always welcome u. And I swear u still have so much to discover. Next time u better come in Summer, u will see a completely different country. Another visit u need to discover the artistic Belgium. Hope to see u back soon. Cu soon


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