When the time pukes the buried wills

After 50 years arrived to him a girl in her twenties wearing a grandmother face!

Though she was flavored with the constant disappointments, she had smiled

It could be, yes it could be;

She has been lurking for her man fifty years, peering from a slit in fate

When she saw him coming in the age of her grandson, she admitted her love

She looked like a little girl tries to clutch the train of her dreams

She looked like a lost boy in a crowded town

Her innocent appearance was crusted with the long years of falling to an endless abyss called a pledge

She arrived to him a ball of empty lusts, tumbled from the peaks of illusions

She arrived to him a tongue of fire that barely sustains itself, licking the edge of arid days, sat in heaps

Passed 50 years, she was lost, looking for a gate to get out the rounded world, called a promise

Passed 50 years, she was running within her gold ring, in hope of finding the exit door

Passed 50 years, she was trapped in her sacred ring

And.. once the ring had finally traveled in form of bats that vanished in the moon

She found herself a grove of flowers that will never bloom

She found herself post all so called a blessed love, lonely in the room

She found herself a ghost of palace that was abandoned

She found herself a traveling voice for ages looking for a thin tissue

And once, her real man popped up in the midst of mist

She arrived to him like dreams squadron that scattered on his rejection, like glass of wine

Yes she was broken on his knees like a word of beginning, couldn’t it be more than a word, despite the passing years..


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