The blue blood

The poisonous clouds crowded like beasts at rally

Decided to creep in a snail of rolled snakes, seems like hurricane

In form of light pulled like noodles to whirl darkness

The methane at large, unleashed the story of start as missionary of the end

The tidal surges aloft and down, casts the sea on your cities

You’ve become bum on your sole vessel

Accomplice in the crime, my friend you are.. the grim world made by your deeds

Inmate in the selfishness..

Who will save the blue glittering from the deceased man who wears the clothes of hypocrisy

The dead souls dressed up with bodies

Who stops the dumpsters, escalating like small lives to a cemetery called atmosphere

Who restores the leafs to the tree of life

Who shelters the pole bear

Who convince them not to,

retreat from the accord aims to protect air

Who will replay the film, reverse and save all poor villages over there

The fire that devours your neighbor will devour you, if you don’t care


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