You pray for love to be rife

Swung on the blade of abyss

Cling you are, on a crystal of cant

And you slide down

Receding like love from town

Like a groan tear that aims to nowhere

You pray for love to be rife

And your life, is a cult of illusion

Don’t stir the inferno of grief in me

Don’t stare at me from the orifice of truth

Your glance sprees into water of dream

You account the stars that went off like lanterns in a spooky scene

While you took the last sip of coffee

And you turned to see, your wishes attacked you like locusts

They devoured your reign, before your eyes;

Filled with silt like slit on edge of flood

An open mouth, like a bleak hole

Eat your time! don’t slack to absorb it!

Just ditch yourself that you’ve just found!

Spew yourself in pond of remorse!

And perch on knees on truth of iron!

The light is rampant like air in balloon

The truth is the bone, stuck in the throat..

The surface of lake, thrown by stone

The color of mirror stripped by the razor

” Ditch yourself you just have found!

When you looked at your face in the mirror, a stranger appeared and grinned upon your vile of tears

Your shadow traces you like a bouncer”


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