The glowing hole

Thank you my friend

The snow of the north

I smell hope

through the falling scene

Through the tiny lights

Here and there

And the candles , on the passageways

Smiling or lamenting

calmly ..

Just like the snow

My snow falls towards the heaven

Like the arid souls and the black nylon bags in windy day at a Mosuli yard

When the dust plays with trash

That rotation is similar to

My thoughts, my emotions

At the moment.

which evaporates me

To be swallowed into the glowing hole

where no stars loom

only the blackness on the other side of the falling or soaring

My journey in the spiral corridor

I am stretched ahead to toe

to the last point of the past

And the upcoming time

I am spaghettified as the scientists reported or report or will report

but the poets said it was a poem

while I don’t realize what it was.. …………..


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