shuttle in an hostile universecarries the seed of the blue color 

hurtling 50,000 miles per hour 

fleeing the asteroids and the comets with long tail of questions

looking in the space, for a strong gravity , waves and invites it

to end up the traces ..

of an outrageous era 
comet in the space, 

puffs the sadness 

covered with tar … travels so far 

cries in an open universe

rushes and sprays the steam….. lavishly

Then, ,it moves , to nowhere

no thing was left 

only, the tail of question marks  

and puzzling in the place 

but no thing on the space… is static 

no thing in space
shuttle in an hostile universe

travelling forward or backward

up or down …

just against the ray and noise

just against the density of things

against all directions

where the compass refers to the end

up or down 

travels to the earth, of no town

touches the lie 

what’s so called the sky 

It is a spot of darkness

shuttle in the endless 

carries the seed of the blue color

but what was so called the sky 

it is a big lie… so,,,

nothing would be so low or….. high

It is a fragile point of view.

dreaming of blue

for 5 dark years 

floats in the empty space 

the facts swim around 

the moon is frightening face 

and stars are fire balls

return to tiny black holes

because the truth is black 

as the ceiling of the grave

as an howling in the long cave


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