First poem 

The dropping dews , I see ,of morn that cool my wounded broken heart 

I can see you now 

coming with moon’s wasted part . . . 

Which was drowned in the flood of light ..


The presence of you submerging me

With sea of aroma , engulfing 


You come to knock the iron door 

To break the silence that I abhor 

      . . . 

Your face has come from no where 

as the first batch of flooded light 

Gushes from the glow of sun  

which was slipped in buds of dawn 

cracking the darkness and to spawn 

the sandstill , of statice time 

pouring the forms and colours on things 

the goldon fingers touches of the sun 

open the lids of shiny lake 

 The whole world is now 

wearing “the dress of warmness ”

After a savage frozen night 

All sparrows started to sing 

on my sorrow ‘s giant branches 

which have become so green 

with the endless leaves of hope 

the birds and stars have landed again 

on my soul ‘s deserted tree 

the jail inside persecuted heart 
That has become free 

has soared away as dove 

by the wings of dream 

to fill the world with peace and love .

(was written in 2011)


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