Sudden vibe

who you are!tell me

to take my heart in just one moment

to pick me up from everyday life 

from my laws and my lines

who you are ! 

to make me follow even your lies

to make me high

who you are

who you are ! who you invented the fire ( Al-Naar )

in my winter and frozen age

to free my heart from its cage

who you are to inspire me to write

the infinitive page

who pushes me to fight

in midst of dreams trench

To see you always smiling in the sight 

Who you are 

To wash eyes 

To wash my night 

By dreams and light 

tell me 

who you are 

And don’t let me down ! 

are you the breeze of the purest dawn !

or the smell of sea !

are you the immortal minute or pearl of crown !

are you the love which attack one time !

or that rain 

When it engulfs whole my town

are the leatest travelling train 

To the paradise

Just give me the key …

you are the wish grown in me like tree 

More than a clue .. 

you are the sky when it’s blue

are you .. who you are !!

but there is something I see its true

you are who I can’t say

You are for happiness the shortest way 

About you I think whole the day

you are like air or water

like fire or light

like tides which attack my coasts

like ray

that lighten the globe

With love and hope 

who you are !

you are the farthest star

for which I long

to which I write

who you are !!!

to deceive me for fiftieth time

and I still believe 

I have sailed into your eyes

but when I thought I had reached

I really realized I just have started

who you are !


Ahmed Zaidan


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