your eyes for me are the missionaryyour eyes for me last promise of life

the last chance if I want to survive

your eyes are

a potentiality for me and all the world to change our view towards the things..

your eyes for me are the missionary that how long I have been waiting..

they are for me the way

road of life

your eyes remind me of me

tells me that I have a heart

that beats in rhythm of two stones in hand of earliest man who generated fire

and the warmness !

your sparkling eyes for me

the lights of a city at night from the window of plane ..

the moon behind the pines that pours the cheerfulness

your lips are a spring of honey when it mixes with desire

and the random hair

to it I refuge from the order of concrete, restricted town..

your random hair is the nature which accepts me anytime. 

rewards me with all its magic .


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