Falling in the light

I am falling in the lightmy breaths extend back and forth .. like tides on a warm beach of sand ..

I expand more and more in the sun like metals

I expand in my love of life till I contain everything around

then, I melt like a travelling cloud

I fade away like a moment of happiness ..

like a handful of the dust of the crunched gold between fingers of Princess Jasmine::

I listen to the holy hymns of birds

I pray to the trees

praise be to you my window !

praise be to the light that finds its way to my deep loneliness..

I am falling in the light

I am diving in the light

I am breathing the light

I am closing the eyes to see the bright darkness in my eyelids..

I wash my heart with breezes of life again ..

I am a part of you, O nature.. I am beyond the window

like any domestic plants or candle

like a bird in a cage

I sing but don’t realize the meaning of the blue horizon..

I found myself as I am

I can’t interfere between myself and myself


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