A trick

the door and window screamed !the little child closed his eyes..

the little child still believes that this trick can hide him.

that this trick takes him away

to close his eyes and be away

to pre-birth

to the merciful darkness

to the warm loneliness

to the peace of timelessness

to more equality in everything

even to the months the fetus spent in there,

later he hurt his mother and came up to breath

he opened his eyes to welcome the first batch of light that carries the face of nurse and tortured mother.

he came to life

they gave him a name

the names of his dead uncle

and he grew up

but when he heard the bombing near his house

he closed his eyes again

and ran to escape the heavy reality but the wall

stopped him ..

The bright leaves of trees fall on the floor

The Baboon newborn of spring !!

the apocalypse for each of us.



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