Wine sin

Wine talk ( Full poem )It wasn’t us, but the wine 

It wasn’t our words 

It wasn’t our hands 

It wasn’t completely us

It was the wine 

We can’t free our souls 

However we try 

We can’t be that open

And we know why

So we have to be sorry 

For challenging our fates 

And rejecting what says the sky


We are a so called half circle

And half of a moon 

We are what we are 

The sun that never sleeps in June 

Or middle of a long road, we walked in

Can not go any further or return 

We are an iceberg of sadness 

Travelling alone towards the south 

And one day , it will be burnt 

We know our dreams in a crocodile’s mouth

So, let’s give ourselves to the wine, once again

And forget about that pain

We can not live in the wakefulness

Let’s diving into another coma 

That wasn’t our talk 

How come, we behave like anybody else who has no idea about the hurricanes and the thunders that we belong to !!

I can’t believe how can we think about surviving 

How can we catch up the last vessel. 

That sails to the calm beach 

And we had decided not to do so .

That wasn’t us.

It was the wine that gushers from your hands 

Or the role which we always dream about. .

written by the smell of the wine as well.


Hey, let’s pretend that we don’t remember anything 

Let’s forget the test of the kisses and all the rosy lips

And the time of warmness, where we floated on peace like two birds.

And what you had told me … What I have told you … 

Let’s kill the pledges and all the promises

If it happens and we got to remember..

And if we have a talk when we are together..

let’s accuse the grass or the weather

being too nice by the river

It is the deed of the beer or the wine or whatever 

But not of us

let’s say that we weren’t responsible of conducting all that paradise which happened to us. 

And ……..

It was the wine !

Let’s think about giving the wine another chance, in future.

And on next day we pretend that we are apathetic

We say if we have to say 

That wasn’t our reality

That wasn’t our talk

That wasn’t our time 

let’s acquit ourselves from all paradise that happened to us.

All that life . 

Let’s give a chance to the wine for a forthcoming sin !

Let’s ask the wine for help when the season of sorrow comes again…. 

When we want to:….


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