a room in midst of the past but the shiny past which always remains .. from the old town of Gdańsk and its tired lovely windows that exchange the stories and news .. with every window when it opens, a new tale begins while another was ended with a window which just has closed .. People peacefully floating below, where the alleyways and the cobbled routes guide them unconsciously to an old café, there in the depth of accumulations of beauty that gushes like jazz music from the incredible windows….. flowing of the light in a darkness of night. 


I browsed up the town, alley by alley, flower by flower, I smelled the aroma of history when mixes with present in a form of lessons that peace what will keep the life beautiful. That peace is the way!

Długo street .. the long street .. that ends up with Neptune fountain which has been survived from all the wars. Stands on today narrating a long history that only art would be later another destination, people travel from everywhere to feed their soul with rhythm of immortality.

Back and forth, I roam in search of something which would be found.


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