Near the hope

Near the window near the hope 

I can hear

something drop… 

the moon broken into pieces 

the stars melt inside

the cup …

please don’t cut the rope of dreams

it’s the last glorious rope 

. . . 

Near the window 

near the sky 

i can hear 

someone’s cry 

the pink is covering the moments 

the smile is splitting the time 

despite the yokes in body

the soul in us is still free

give your hand just to try

to see like clouds we’re gonna fly 

. . . 

Near the rain

near the sky 

there have been 

two birds fly

they are become in sight too high 

they changed their weep to music 

they dance on clouds and ski

they are are ling in the wagon of dreams

Goodbye the sorrow, really goodbye!



the colours of pics return to no

flowers and stars fall in slow 

the moments steal the light of candle 

no will for you I could handle 

the storm has puffed the love and flame

the truth has teared the core of game 

the savage reality is swallowing the dream…

the lightening sparrows gone in fear

nothing of that is staying here

but rest of song

her name in the tongue 

and the cry I hear

with least tear

everything slashed as fog

they went to unknown 

everything has settled as were 



By Ahmed zaidan


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