Ahmed Zaidan

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Ahmed Zaidan from city of Mosul , I was born in 1988 northern Iraq. I started my journey in poetry since 2005 where I had begun with reading the revolutionary poems on different levels, such as demanding woman rights , freedom , liberating the society from the past. This trend in writing due to the poets I used to read for. I found myself that guy how describes himself as the sea inside a closed bottle of champagne or the bird that refuses to land on the dusty domes from which , the calls of hatred are being launched , but even though all that challenging , I continued singing on trees of humanity waving to people to come with me and join the bridal of nature which unify all of us and brings us together after our long term dispute !
First stage at college of Arts

I was that guy who doesn’t believe until he feels and then touches. I have been told by my close friends that not to publish any of my revolutionary poems except those ones which talk about simple issues and love of father, mother or could be the weather ! My nature as being not patient freshman has pushed me to self gambling in a country where there is no place for such writers to express whatever in the heart and head. I did not realize the laws of the game that time. I went with all my power to condemn the society with all its establishments that dedicate the ignorance in the locals. So, I started with mosques that call people to pray for devastation of other nations who don’t believe in Islam which are mostly called the countries of infidels, , while the christianity is a genuine part of Iraqi society.

I have realised since I started reading that the world is wider than only a flag or a language . That was helpful in many cases in order to understand that no doubt, on other side there might be people who think in the same way as me or do what I was doing at the moment. Watching films and social shows from abroad has opened the big door before me to come into the world despite of the closed country I lived in, which it was simillar to a collective jail. I got advantage of the social media that allowed me to enlarge my friendship circle from local to internatinal. That is what drove me to dream about travelling and catch the last trolley in train of civilized world as I described the status, that time !

My first book to see the light 2009

The abbreviation of my life since my beginning in poetry up to that date my book which I had issued was. Despite of my being conservative somehow, for avoiding myself and family the potential danger that may occur in case it gets read by extremists. That did not prevent the books shops to get rid of the last copy they possess, demanded me to come and take way what I had brought three days ago . Sadly, I collected myself which was thrown here and there in very cheap containers. I carried the books and saw to distribute them freely to friends and relatives ! I ost again and the money gone !
The book seller claimed that there were some of the poems which don’t fit with the norms of our Muslim society ! And anyway , people would prefer to read the religious books as they are useful in life and after life !!!

Working in media
I didn’t have a certain plan to work in the media, but after I had issued my first book ( playing on strings of female ) I got a Tv show invitation to attend as guest in the most famous channel in Mosul. I didn’t have a certain plan to work in the media. I carried my book headed to the studio where the site of the Tv station. I had to walk in order to enter . I had to pass through the security check points and military barracks in a scene refers that as if I would’ve gone to join to the army not to the Tv show. The only civilian one is me surrounded by dusty uniforms clothes, what an elegant man I am that might be walking to a taboo zone !
Later, I there were two men in the sight waving to me after I had to make a phone call with someone there.


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