Thanks to the distances

September 6, 2016

By Ahmed Zaidan

Purple Stars

Like a star I look brilliant as long as you keep a distance of me but approach!
then you will see how I am burning, every moment to ignite your imagination ….
I am only a tiny spot in the night
… depending on where you will drive the endless sight …
My fate is no thing but .. simply. .
I was born a supernova that pleases the eyes from earth but I stay a star in long term death status in My way into vanishing !

Like a strings of heavy rock guitar scream from pain to rejoice the people ..
Like an automatic door that never was thanked .. just it has opened to a teenage who turned back to the pavement to pick up an old dirty coin for beer .. and then …

……. he decided to smoke in the rain and gery weather. ..
…………… then…..whatever …… but poor door had opened again … .. and again and again
…… ….. but never …
… was learned …… no one shares me the pain ….
I am the train… when it out of the service sitting any where waiting for a train .. … I am the aged ferry on the bank of memories that still dreams of blue sight ..
… drinks the news of the sea from the annoying seagulls …


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